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I'm on a mission to help women feel more confident in themselves and their bodies, to get fitter and stronger and truly find a balance in their lifestyle that is healthy for them. Not what the media deems to be so ... you will find no fad diets, no quick fixes and no diet culture BS here or in any of my work.

I am a Personal Trainer, Fitness Class Instructor and blogger based in Manchester. 

Through my 1-2-1 PT and online coaching I teach women how to get fitter and stronger, how to gain body confidence and find a balance in their life. I also have an ebook that is available for everyone.

In my classes the aim is about making fitness fun, pushing our bodies in a healthy way and seeing where we can go.

My blog and social media aim to empower you, sharing fitness, health and confidence advice and tips. Alongside my own lifestyle journey and highlights. 

For more information and enquiries 

Sharing some content with you to help you find your balance, feel confident and get strong as well as some personal posts on weddings, travel and Manchester.

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